Voici quelques derniers articles publiés par les membres de MRE / Some new papers of MRE members

  • Alain MARCIANO “Why Stigler’s Coase theorem is Stiglerian after all? A Methodological Explanation”, Research
    in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, 2018, forthcoming.
  • Alain MARCIANO  “A Theory of Tasteful and Distasteful Transactions”, (with E. Khalil), Kyklos, 2018, forthcoming
  • François BENHMAD « On the Impact of Wind Feed-in and Interconnections on Electricity Price in Germany », 2017Energy Studies Review
  • Jean-Christophe POUDOU, « The Prosumers and the Grid”, 2018Journal of Regulatory Economics, forthcoming
  • Jean-Louis MONINO, Big Data, Open Data and Data Development, 2016, John Wiley & Sons.